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Second Bad Viator Experience

My first bad Viator experience came when I book activities in Europe through Viator. None of the activities booked through Viator went off totally successfully. Some did not go off at all. I had more luck with the activities I arranged myself than with the so-called professional help from Viator.

When booking activities for my Christmas trip to New York City, I chose to use through American Airlines. I am an AAdvantage member and American is a reputable company. Lo and behold, Viator is the vendor for activities for AA.

After numerous attempts to book my activities, I was told by a Viator phone representative that my credit card had been declined. And, that I would have to call my credit card company for explanations and to rectify the situation.

My credit card company informs me that the charges were approved, but not for the $664 that was the cost of the activities. A total of over $5300 was charged to my account by Viator.

Now, I am 3000 miles away from home with none of my activities for my family's Christmas vacation booked and less $5300. After speaking with two more Viator representatives and a supervisor named Paul Meli, I was told that Viator would not help me recover the funds because no funds had changed hands yet. The $5300 was just a pre-authorization hold that MAY, MIGHT, and SHOULD drop off in 24 hours. There were no guarantees that it would actually drop off. MAYBEs don't do me much good right now when I am down $5300. Viator would not even contact their merchant services vendor to find out what was going on. To top it off, charges like these pre-authorizations can take up to 30 days to drop off unless the company that initiated the charges calls the credit card company to reverse the charges. Mr. Meli refused to assist with the reversal process in any way. My only recourse was to file a fraudulent charges report with my credit card company. Since I never received any products or services from Viator.

Yet another vacation about to be ruined.

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Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Viator Verified Representative


Thank you for your message. We are sorry to hear that this experience did not live up to your reasonable expectations - unfortunately, there is not enough information given here for us to find your reservations.

As you have indicated that we cancelled your charges, they do generally fall off of your account within 24 hours - however each bank is a little different, which is why we are unable to guarantee the time frame. We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused, but we do hope you otherwise had an excellent time on your trip and we wish you Happy Travels.

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