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It was all wonderful except:

1. The bus ride from Frankfurt to Rothenburg was terrible. The driver spoke very poor english, gave very poor instructions, was either ignorant of the operation of the recorded voice announcements describing the towns we were seeing or just didn't care whether or not they worked. As it was, for every announcement giving explanations regarding the multiple points of interest, none of them came until we were 2 minutes past the points of interest. This meant we had no idea of what to look for until it was long gone.

2. When I asked that driver to coordinate the announcements so that we knew what we were looking at, he shrugged his shoulders and simply said, "Computer!"

3. That driver spent way too much time talking on his cell phone while driving our bus.

4. That driver was useless when it came to helping us with our luggage.

5. That driver made several stops apparently designed for passengers to get off the bus, but consistently pulled up to the stop, shut down the engine, then just sat there. It wasn't until one of the passengers asked why he stopped that he said we should get off the bus and take a toilet break. Really bad!

6. We had a different bus and driver for the trip from Rothenburg to Hohenschangau. This apparently was just a regular bus that picked up and delivered people along his route. This fellow spoke good english, gave good instructions, kept us abreast of what we were seeing, and his computer announcements were aligned with the actual sight we were seeing. He would often add his personal comments to augment the recorded announcement.

7. This second bus driver spent a scary amount of time talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone.

8. This second bus driver picked up a passenger along the way that needed to catch a plane at the Munich airport, so he left the Romantic Road course, diverted to Munich airport, then took a southern route back to the Romantic Road cutting out two hours of the Romantic Road.

8. Entirely different driver and bus on last to Munich Airport. We found him rigid.

9. The transportation process was poorly done. It was as if those customers who where wanting to see certain places along the Romantic Road were just shuffled around on public transportation.

10. There were few customers on every bus, most of whom did not travel together from stop to stop.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Just publish this so that other unwary travelers will know what "not to expect!".

I didn't like: Drivers, Customer service.

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