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Do NOT book a tour with Viator! I attempted to book a tour of Muir Woods for 4 people appx 1.5 days before the tour. There was a website error- error code 500. I ended up being charged 4 TIMES for this tour- a total of $1200.

When I called to get it fixed I was given the run around. I spent hours on the phone, spoke to countless "supetvisors" , 1 hung up on me- (I was not rude at all). I received an email saying that they could not refund my money because their cancellation policy says that cancellations made 2 days before the event or less have a 100% cancellation fee. No matter how many times I explained that it was an error, that I can't possibly go on the same tour on the same day at the same time 4 times, they simply said that every company has cancellation policies and so I had to revise my vacation plans because they took $1200 out of my account.

My bank has agreed to file a fraud complaint once the charges post. 6 days out they are still listed as pending but the funds are still unavailable. Ruined vacation. Never ever again.

Filing a BBB complaint and considering legal action.

NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. This should NOT be a Trip Advisor affiliate.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Covid has the Navajo land still closed in mid June 2021. However, Viator tried to sell me a NON REFUNDABLE tour to Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon.

The representative said I would be taking a chance if things weren't open in September however, I would be offered another tour. WTF???? No other tour company is offering or booking this tour because there is no definite date as to when these sites will open up. Being the devils advocate I mentioned where I read buy now pay later but of course this tour did not qualify.

My other complaint is the site is deceptive as heck you have to read everything with a fine tooth comb.

Some tours 2 people min some 1 person is ok. Tour titles similar but tours are different.The rules change like the weather on their site.


Stop using viator for your vacation planning. They are irresponsible if not considered a scam.

They are a 3Rd party booking where they take your money and they don't care if supplier provide their service or not. I recently lost half a thousand dollars on a service viator supplier did not provide and they intend to keep my money.


She is right on. Viator screwed us on our tour.


Cannot agree more. You are absolutely right. Viator is a scam company


Same experience


Same experience

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