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Update by user Oct 24, 2016

Update 2: This is now resolved and I have been given a partial refund.

I'm still pissed off because if a company says they will give you a refund and know they owe you a refund, they should contact you.

Or at least respond to emails about said refund.

Poor show. Never again.

Update by user Oct 18, 2016

Update: I finally got through to customer care and they have informed me that they were told about the refund being required on the 3rd October... So they've known about the issue for over 2 weeks and have done nothing to try and contact me about it.

I assumed they just didn't know about it but I think this is actually worse.

They've emailed the supplier to ask how much of a refund I am due. Surely as the website who set the prices and take the money they should know how much refund I am due?

Will update further when this is resolved.

Original review posted by user Oct 17, 2016

I paid $400 for a bus and helicopter tour around the Grand Canyon on 29th September. On the day, the helicopters were not running due to low clouds which is understandable and I was assured by my driver that I would receive a refund for the helicopter part of the tour as the bus part alone was only $170.

It is now almost 3 weeks later, I have sent multiple emails and have not had any response from anybody. I have also tried calling customer care multiple times with no answer - not even an answer machine, just nothing.

I am now $230 down and haven't heard a word from them since the day of the trip.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of viator grand canyon helicopter and ground tour from phoenix tour and associated monetary loss in the amount of $230. Viator needs to "partial refund (cost difference between heli + bus and just bus ($230))" according to poster's claims.

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Viator Verified Representative


Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, there is not enough information here for us to comment on your reservation, as we're not able to find it with the details given.

It does sound as though you were promised a refund by the Tour Operator, and in those cases, we may not be advised of the offered refund. Please note that the Tour Operator is a separate company from Viator, which means that we do sometimes need to chase down information from them.

We do hope everything was straightened out, but if you require any additional service, please feel free to let us know.

All the Best,

Viator Social Team

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