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We booked 2 tours with Viator one was amazing the other was horrible. When I called to complain below is the letter I got basically calling me a liar.

Both trips we booked we were the only ones on them no other people. It was not an upgrade... now I know why we were the only ones. Book at your resort.

I was on vacation with my 3 kids 18, 22, and 23. The driver kept asking us if we smoked, or needed anything we told him no. We got to luminous Lagoons and did our cruise. We didn't stay for the show after we wanted to go back to the resort it was late.

The van was full of smoke and smelled like ***. Driver had to wipe the windows. On the way home he kept telling us we should go to a jamaican party with him, we said no. At one point he stopped, got out of the van, opened the back door and wanted us to get out of the van to look at something and we said No take us to the resort.

He wanted to show us his high school and other place, we just wanted to go back to the Beaches. We were all scared, when I called to report our experience here was Viators response....... Thank you for your patience whilst we have investigated your refund request regarding your Luminous Lagoon Night Cruise in Jamaica booking. Upon review of your request, Holiday Services, have provided the following response: --------------------------------------- Good Afternoon, While we are sorry to have received this complaint, we can tell you that we are not surprised to receive it.

The driver had called the office to notify us of his experience with the guests. The driver stated that when they came on the bus, the first thing they said was ‘we have no money’. Which he found very strange however assured them that they did not need any money for the tour. The clients were upgraded to a private tour at no additional charge to them.

It was just them and the driver. Accusing a driver of smoking in the bus ‘hotboxing’ them and their CHILDREN (There are no children on this booking). Is a very serious accusation to make on our driver. All of our vehicles are non smoking and our drivers do not smoke in the bus (cigarettes or otherwise).

We urgently require further clarification from the clients. Now I’m not sure what they mean by when they got back he had to clean the windows?? We do need further proof/explanation of this. Did they take any pictures??

Our drivers are also tour guides. So the questions he asked them were just him being friendly. Why are you here? What would you want to do?

What kind of vacation are you on (romantic, party, relaxation). This are standard things and there is nothing wrong with that. He also told them about different attractions in Jamaica and other things to do. These are very standard.

On the way back from the lagoon there is the capital of St. Ann. During the trip he told them about one of our hero’s Marcus Garvey. When they told him that they had never heard of him.

He made a stop along the return route to show them the mural. They were taking pictures and he told them that they could go out of the bus if they wanted pictures and they declined (this mural is along the route he would take). Our driver states that he did not invite you to his home or to any party. I am still not clear on why the guests were ‘very scared for herself and her kids’.

The tour was provided as advertised including a complimentary upgrade to a private transfer. We look forward to the response from the customer so we may further our investigations regarding the experience and the serious allegations made against our tour guide --------------------------------------- If you have any further information to support your claim for a refund, please respond to this email accordingly and we shall investigate further.

We hope we are able to be of service to you in the future. Kindest regards, Tiffany S Viator Customer Relations

Product or Service Mentioned: Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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