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So, don't think I have ever written such a bad review. EVER! But the service with this company is absolutely horrible! They literally stole 59 EUROS! This is how it went...

I sent a message from Viator through the "manage your booking" option on June 27th. One asking for confirmation about the company having my address for pick-up (I wrote the address for pick-up in the message and requested confirmation). Then a second one later that day (June 27th) asking for a cancellation because I never heard back. Then I did hear from Viator asking me to contact the company directly because it is no longer their problem when it is within 48 hours. I contacted the company, and they said it was too late because I contacted them the morning of, when in fact I had been trying to get in touch with them for days, but through the Viator option of managing my bookings.

These were the exact messages I received:

From Viator (also, please note that when you send a message through the Viator website, they are not saved in the account you have with them, and they are not e-mailed to you - so you have to assume that they will be asking you for printscreens - so always do printscreens!)

"first of all I dont want to here that you were sending e-mails to us because we have never got any from you or from Viator.

In the morning you were finally able to reach us. How was not possible before?

You can send us printscreen from the mail which "you were sending" before and we will refund the money, if not, of course, that will be a proof that you decided to not show just today in the morning.

Waiting for the printscreens."

From Pelican Tours Split:

"we are sorry but we don not acept cancelations in the morning on the day of departure.

You should email us or call at least the day prior to the departure.


Sent from my Sony Xperia™ smartphone"

So there you have it folks. The absolute worse customer service ever! And I book through Viator all the time, and still have 3 tours pending with them. Cancelling them now! And printscreening of course because WOW! I have never seen such terrible attitude.

So thank you Viator and Pelican Tours Split for taking my money, treating a person so horribly, and for making me lose a day that I had planned a tour for.

Stay away!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pelican Tours Split Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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When you buy tours from Viator you get the email and number of the operator. So I guess you were able to discuss the thing with Pelican Tours directly but you didn't.

Obviously you just didn't show up in time. The comment should be removed in my opinion since the mistake is all yours.

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