I booked below mentioned tour in Viator. My booking Reference no BR-662742570. Ljubljana with Postojna Cave Excursion from Zagreb At the time of blocking booking page just asked about Adults not about kids. Basically I have been to many trips in Swizerland also from...
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Viator - Ticket to Park Guell a scam
The ticket sold for Park Guell was rejected at the door. After being re-routed to several nearby "Shops" to try to sort this out, I found the so called tour shop. Which was basically a sign outside a small restaurant. That's it. Nobody to complain to, nobody to assist...
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I got double charged on 8/1 for an event. $145.11x2. I booked one event and I cancelled the first one and re-booked a bit later. However I got charged two times. If you see I only did it once. Thank you for your time. Please email me if you need anything further. Thank...
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Viator - Refund

Viator - Refund
Booking Ref: BR-661702823 Name:Jazmin Puentes Excursion:August 10th 1 person could not do excursion because of flight delay. Would like a refund for 1 person out of 9. Thank you
I waited on the phone for a manager and he put the phone down on purpose. This is a fraudulent company you can’t take people’s hard earned money an pay it back when you feel like it I have had problems with you before and only used you again because I was desperate....
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My flight was delayed 8 hours out of Stockholm today, August 13th due to a maintenace issue out of my control and is still delayed. I called Viator customer service to either cancel or give me credit for a future tour via Viator. Viator has been the only customer tour...
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Try to find VIATOR's customer service phone number on their web site. Go ahead, I dare ya. They try harder than any company I've ever seen in my life to make it IMPOSSIBLE to contact them by telephone. Some issues cannot be handled via e-mail, you jerks. Will go out of...
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Viator - You SUCK

Of course i tried to contact you *** I wouldnt be on this page idiot. You r the biggest scam on earth.
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Booked 5 skip the line Paris Catacomb tours for over $400 online. We accidentally clicked the wrong date. We were off by one day. We IMMEDIATELY emailed them (since their offices were closed) to notify them of our mistake and to ask them to change the date to one day...
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I didn't like
  • Scam cancelation policy
My companion and I booked a deluxe Niagara Falls tour for American and Canadian side. Our Indian tour guide is very knowledgeble. However; he did not take us to Canadian side. Which credit card that I used to book my tours, one agent will give me the last four digit of...
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