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Tour cancellation/changes

We have 5 tours scheduled with Viator in Florence, Italy with dates and times. If there are changes or cancellations for our tours, will we be notified thru our email by tour guide?


Phone number requires

Phone number in England


Salem day tour from Boston

I waould like a refund,


Question about Windsor Stonehedge oxford tour

Trying to decide to book this tour for two people. We are staying in London for weekend and are scheduled to leave and have a hotel already booked in Oxford.

Can we bring our carry on luggage on tour and not return on bus back to London?

ASAP. Please leaving tomorrow and tour is Monday July 30 th Thank you


Cancellation Policy for Tour Code 2142TYO_VJNKH33KNE

I would like to know your policy for cancellation of this tour. My husband suffers from multiple myeloma and, although he is currently in remission, we never know when the disease will reoccur.

Please also let me know the latest date to book this tour.

We are currently looking to travel from November 11th through 13th. Thank you


Tour of Barcelona May 2019

NOT A PISSED OFF CUSTOMER, JUST TRYING TO Get To the right person to advise us of tour as stated below.

I really want to communicate with someone regarding tour in Barcelona Spain May 29th 2019. We are flying in that early morning from US and want to have a tour that includes pick up at the airport with a tour of Barcelona and then drop off at hotel. I haven't been able to find one that does that.

We just used Viator in Amsterdam - pickup, tour, drop off. Was wonderful.

We have also used Viator in Rome.

Can you help or guide me to the person who can or the tour that will give us what we want as stated above.

Thank you




Booked tour to crystal caves in Bermuda and would like to know if you can swim there!


Florence Vespa tour attire

I was wondering if there’s a dress code for the Florence Vespa tour. Are sandals and shorts ok?

Are closed toed shoes required?

We are going in July. Thank you.


Cancellation of a colosseum tour

How to cancel my tour

Colosseum Official Tickets Admission (68156P5)

Tour Option: Colosseum Ticket 09:30 (TG1)


2 bus tours in Vancouver

I was supposed to get a 10% discount for signing up with Viator but didn’t get any. My booking numbers are: BR-653775348 & BR-653774989.

Could you confirm please? Thanks


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