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how can i get refund

I was booked the ticket Burj Khalifa at the top from Viator. the Viator gave orient travel my ticket.

when I go the Burj Khalifa entrance that staff told ticket was canceled.

still, I do not get the money. kindly below the details AGENCY NAME: orient tours LLC VISIT DATE&TIME:Friday 11 January 2019 at 11:30 AM GUEST NAME: ANANTHAN SUBRAMANI RECEIPT DATE: 4/01/2019 RECEIPT TIME:10:07 AM VOUCHER NO:200136 ORDER NO: 424**** PLEASE KINDLY REFUND MONEY

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According to the Viator Terms & Conditions page, no refunds are available once a tour or service has commenced, or in respect of any package, accommodation, meals or any other services utilized.

In order to apply for a refund, you should contact Viator Customer Service by phone at 1 88* 680-1640 and provide them with full details regarding your issue. If your refund request is approved, please note it may take 5-7 business days from the date the refund is processed to appear on your statement, depending on your financial institution.

@Maggie Grant Dear sir, you provided the contact number does not reached
If you need any assistance, you may try to reach out to Viator Customer Service directly via the Contacts tab on the Pissed Consumer website.
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Need to ask about the details of trip coded 39522P1

Nadine A Jhp

Wanted to ask about trip coded 39522P1 Which is black pearl piratr in ayia nappa cyprus. Does it stop at the blue lagoon for a swim? Thx

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I cannot get on to your website to get my tickets for booking #86298****

Carole F Czb

Confirmation 125584**** Milk Abbey & Danube Fay Trip Thurs July 14 Help getting into App to secure tickets

0 answers

Where I find my tickets? We entered the wrong email.

Or O Fua

We already booked to Vatican in Rome for today at 12:00 We have a picture of the booking reference BR-90411****

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Why my next payout at viator was 96$ , today i see its zero why, not paid.

Eshetu G

Why my next payout is zero, why, before it say 96$ and i was also asking 64$ to be added, and why its zero now???????

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Why do I have a future booking?

Brandon M Dnu

I received an email about a future booking and I have not booked anything. I went on a tour Friday but that was all. I want to make sure someone hasn’t hacked my card.

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Why has our Colosseum night tour been cancelled?

Lisa A Zlz

I received an email that stated that I received a refund for our Colosseum night tour on June 27 (reference number: BR-86133****). We did not cancel this.

Why has it been cancelled and why weren’t we notified?

We were really looking forward to the tour. Lisa

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I booked an event, credit card charged. Never got a confirmation email

Wendy W Wbk

I booked a cooking class in Marrakech for Thursday June 23. I never got a confirmation email so I don’t know if it went through.

My credit card was charged.

Don’t know any details. I can only be reached via email

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access to my account

Jasmine C Qds

To whom this may concern, I have some scheduled tours coming up I. The near future and unfortunately I am unable to log into my account.

O do not have access to the email.I did not pay these tours upfront, however I am worried that I will still be charged if I don’t have the opportunity to cancel them 24 hours in advanced. My card information was needed when I booked the tours. What should I do?

Please help. Thank you +1321-591**** -Jasmine Colon

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Our account is not opening and it doesnt send us the password change link

Puneet S Jka

We have to login in our account but it shows unrecognized email or password and when we try to do the forget password it doesn’t send us the link it says we were soory there was an error sending your request

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Why is there no contact for customers service for suppliers

Beverlee J

What is the phone number for a supplier to ring. I have my product on Viator and on the Viator website they have place a different town name on my product picture.

Misleading all of our customers. Confusing all of our customers. Upsetting us and all our our customers. Costing us a lot of money.

Wasting customer and our time. Its leading to so many cancellations. We run our tour from the town called Latchi. Viator has place Paphos on on product.

Paphos is 1 hours travel away from latchi. Just why this is a hughe problem. Why can I not find a phone number why can I find no help for this why do it. We was doing so well.

Now we have to refund people. Say sorry on the phone. This can't be a right thing to do. Please I wish I could find a way to fix this.

I wish I could find someone to explain to me why this has been done and to be told it will be remove that very second. But this is going to take a long time. This is so wrong for everyone.

It's a very supid thing to do. Why put a different town name on a product to where to product is

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Transportation for Excursion

Susanne Q

I am booked for the French Riviera Cannes Tour on July 26. The information provided on the ticket states that a pickup service will be provided for certain zip codes.

We will be staying at: Mas des Cèdres lieu-dit Les Vallats 131 Chemin de Grenouillères, Ménerbes Can you please let me know if transportation will be provided or where we will need to meet for this trip? Susanne Quirk

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Missed bag at the tour bus

Patricia R Tav

Hello, My name is Patricia and I had a trip with my family yesterday, Jun 18th, to Niagara Falls (8:55 am, pick up at Town Inn Suites). Unfortunately my mother forgot a white plastic bag in the tour bus at the top bag storage.

It contains 2 ted bears, a kitchen mitten and a Niagara Falls' souvenir frame, which are pretty meaningful for her. I was wondering if anyone found that plastic bag. If so, would it be possible to ship it to my address in Vancouver at 603,1082 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1X9, Canada? I can pay in advance for the shipping fees.

kindly let me know. Thank you, Patricia Robinski

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PHow to book for 4 people

Satish Kumar G

Hi, Iwant to book a 2 day Niagra visit starting at 6:30 am on 21st july. Along with 2 adults we have kids of age 10 and 3 years.

We want to stay overnight in the same room together. Online I can book only for max 3 person. Will there be sny discount for the 3 year old as she will be staying with us?

How to book for 4 people so that its ensured that we stay together Please suggest! Regards, Satish

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In May we were on a tour need the Recipes emailed

Lynda Z Pva

Luca was our amazing tour guide and chef. He said he would email the recipes that we made in Tuscany.

We haven’t received anything yet. We made bruschetta Tagletelli Bolognese and the most delicious tiramisu.

Please please can you send it to me and I will also give it to my mom who is also on the trip. My email address is princess5557@***.net Grazie mille Lynda

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Rescudele from 16 june to 17 june 2022

Marlon B Ccp

Hello, I made a reservation for a boat tour in NYC. For today 16 june 2022.

I wanted to book it over to tomorrow. But now its cancelled and i dont get the money back. I just wanted to rescedule to tomorrow My conformation number is: 128676****.

And the bookingsnumber is: 89631**** Can u help me out with this? Thank you Marlon Bruyne

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How do I get a refund

Hadeel A Uhe

I booked for hop on hop off in Amsterdam and the bus never showed up after an hour at one location and spending time at 2 other locations never seeing a bus. We messaged the tour operator and tried calling with no answer.

I want a refund or will dispute the charge with my CC. Confirmation 125962**** Booking ref 86705****

0 answers

Service not delivered - request for refund

Jennifer T Agy

Dear Viator customer service team Greetings. I am writing to voice my disappointment for the above booking 128296**** for transportation pick-up from Brooklyn NY to JFK airport.

We followed the instructions as per the ticket voucher accordingly. We provided details and waited 10 minutes earlier 4.50pm for 5.00pm pick-up. We also telephoned them. At 17.11pm I received an email from Carmel car to inform that they could not provide the mini-bus.

Please see the email that was sent to me below. Good day, We unfortunately are heavily delayed. We don't have a minibus to send you right now.We don't want you to miss your flight. Ring Carmel at (212) 662-****.

We apologize for this inconvenience. Benjie (Carmel Disp) Best regards, Carmel Car Service This is totally unacceptable and upsetting!!! The least they could do is to give us ample notice for us to make other arrangements, not just a cold & unsympathetic email without offering alternative solutions. We frantically tried to arrange other means of transportation.

It has caused us much stress mentally , eventually contacted Uber. It has cost us US$98.00 vs US$74.17 which we paid to viator Please forward my email to your customer relations team & provide the refund for the unused product.

Thank you for your attention. Kind regards Jennifer

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Is there a fee for my tours to be more visible on aviator ,if yes his much?

Apollo M Jxn

I would like to know if there is a cost to make my tours more visible I'm already a partner , kigere tours & safaris.

0 answers

How I will see the reservation

Bilal T Nce

I've received a reservation from viator,but it dosen't appear in the reservation système I would like to know what wrong And I wanna make sure that I'll be paid after offering the experience Thank

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