Viator is simply company with very slow service for suppliers.

I have three cases opened oldest one is two weeks but nothing happened yet. They are strict in tours but sometimes to strict so suppliers can be confused.

In other way I had very helpful person from Viator. She was young she wanted to do right and better but she also quit job there of some reason.

We, people in tourism industry are working hard customer friendly but it is for sure that Viator is not working in tourism. It is some kind of web site operation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Viator Verified Representative


Thank you for your message. We are currently changing the way we handle supplier requests to ensure a faster response time and to minimize confusion as our Destination Marketing Teams change and grow.

We have a team of dedicated agents to respond to suppliers when they have an issue concerning one of their tours.

If you are still sending your requests to an old e-mail address for someone who is no longer working for the company, it may not be routing to the correct person to be of assistance to you. We recommend sending your messages to Suppliers@viator.com for additional assistance.

We hope this information helps. Thank you again for your message, and we wish you Happy Travels.

to ViatorSocialTeam #1125411

This is not true at all!!! I am also a tour operator who was contacted by Viator since January 2016 to sign up.

I submitted my tours to Sandra Castilla the account manager, and have sent her emails countless emails, one of them just to confirm that she still works there, which she replied "yes, but it's just too hectic here". Here we are three months later and our tours have not been uploaded into their system. There is no pretext for that. What do you mean too hectic???

Baloney, smells like fraud to me, any other company would normally hire more personel, *** they have billions to do so.

Trip advisor purchased Viator, and they operate the same way, there is no customer service, it takes forever to make changes, and they are so arrogant because they are a monopoly, not to leave out that they by purchasing Viator, are not a neutral site for opinions anymore, it's a conflict of interest for those who are not in their network. I'm tired of wasting my time with these people, after all we tour guides are the ones who do the actual tours, not them!

to Jerry Mar #1125824
Viator Verified Representative

Hello Jerry,

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you are also experiencing long delays in your responses.

We would recommend that you also message our new team available at Suppliers@viator.com for additional assistance.

Thank you again for your feedback, and we do hope this information helps.

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