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As per email sent I was requested to confirm my transfer (Grand Cayman) airport to Hotel, at least 48 hrs in advance.

Ordeal started 5-9 for a 5/12 departure:

Was given via email a number to call my tour company Tropicana tours. Upon 1st try 98:00 5/9 they did not answer the number, If you haven't noticed there is no number listed for the company on their website. Only upon a search did my wife find their number via this website.

1st customer service contact made 08:00 5-9-18: He also could not get a hold of the company (Tropicana tours) via the phone, or their supposed emergency number, email also sent. Waited two hours for a response. Its impossible to get a hold of your customer service rep they won't give any direct iine acces ie. extension etc. I was given a case number, but this proved worthless.

2nd customer service contact 11:26 5-9-58: - even with case number basically did all the same things to no avail. Asked to switch companies and get a confirmation of a transfer, put on indefinite hold approx. 30 minutes line kept breaking like he was checking to see if I was still there, but never spoke. I finally hung up

* over 1 hr of my time invested to this point

3rd customer contact 1:00PM on 5-9-18: again even with case number does all the same thing AGAIN, when I asked to get transferred state side (all of these calls are going to the Philippines) I was disconnected

4th customer contact: 3:00 PM 5-10-18: went through all the same reiterations, this time the rep told me she was on an old system and couldn't access the notes via the case number ,she called, (both numbers) sent email said needed to wait 12 to 24 hrs for a response. When I commented that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, this is what they do, not solution drive. Again asked to be transferred state side, she said that was impossible Finally got he to get a supervisor who played out all the same puppet maneuvers. Finally after I became un-glued he acknowledged he would give me a refund. 1st email no statement of refund, when I told him this wouldn't do that I need an email stated in fact the refund dollars he said he couldn't that either. IN the end I prevailed with an almost email acknowledging the refund, but the 1st paragraph blames me the client. ..........................ugh...........................ugh

*2 days before departure, look elsewhere for your own sanity

3rd Customer contact next day

Review about: Shuttle Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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