Viator doesn't run the tours themselves.

We got to the Barcelona office of the local tour operator. They told us that they forgot about the "confirmed" tour that my whole family was supposed to join.

There was really nothing we could do. Nothing! I was thinking that Viator was recommended by my AAA agent that it should be really good. And knowing that it is a big city as Barcelona that it was a no brainer. They must have local operators that are dependable. Wrong.

What a waste of time and effort. They wasted our day in Barcelona.

Btw, I am still chasing Viator with regards to my refund. Even though I have a copy of the email sent by the tour operator cc'd Viator that they screwed up and to please issue a refund to me.

Viator is denying that there was an email sent by the local operator in Barcelona.

Okay, here is the operator's name ExploreCatalunya.com.

If you want a copy of the email from explorecatalunya.com just email me. The local operator acknowledged the problem but totally ignored following up the refund. Another mistake.

Product or Service Mentioned: Viator Tour Booking.

Monetary Loss: $267.

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Viator Verified Representative

Hello Kiko,

We are glad to hear that you received your refund, and we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Unfortunately, for our records, we sometimes do need to request to receive the messages directly from our tour operators approving the refund. This may occasionally cause delays.

We do hope you otherwise had an excellent time in Barcelona, and wish you Happy Travels.

All the Best,

Loryanna M.

Viator Social Support

to ViatorSocialTeam #1390803

Hey guys, you are hiding yourself behind other companies or tour operators. But even since you know some tours are never handled in a correct way, like a 5 hours private tour in Dubai, you still offering it and you are taking your customers money

Los Angeles, California, United States #663271

UPDATE: VIATOR refunded our money. The point here is missed opportunity. We went through all the planning, money, effort and the the whole expection. When do we visit Barcelona again to see Montserrat?

The local tour operator should have called another local operator that does tour to Montserrat. We begged them to do this. But they had no connections/relationship with other tour operators. Usually, local tour operators help each other in these cases.

Barcelona is a beautiful city with lots of friendly people. That I will remember.

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