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I paid $400 for a bus and helicopter tour around the Grand Canyon on 29th September. On the day, the helicopters were not running due to low clouds which is understandable and I was assured by my driver that I would receive a refund for the helicopter part of the tour as the bus part alone was only $170. It is now almost 3 weeks later, I have sent multiple emails and have not had any response from anybody. I have also tried calling customer... Read more

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Just got back from Barcelona, very dissapointed with my Nou camp tour as there was a match the day of my tour and my tour was restricted to the Museum and one small section inside the stadium, i 0payed £46.00 for myself and my wife you should not sell the Nou Camp experience tours on match days or notifie customers and give them the option of a refund before hand, this was a weekend my wife organised for my 50th Birthday and the tour was... Read more

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Having booked a sedan with Viator to take me from Washington Dulles Airport to Alexandria VA, I was told to ring them after I had cleared immigration & customs and exited the airport building. This I did and the company responded that it had been over an hour since my plane had landed and the driver had left! I would therefore have to book and pay again for him to return! I refused to do this and have never got a response from Viator to my... Read more

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I booked a tour in Washington with Viator. I did not see the discount offered when I checked out at the payment section. Before I was about to book another tour I realised the discount. I called to ask them to add on the tour and also to enjoy the promotion. They told me final sales so they cannot give me the promotion. I made the booking less than 5 minutes ago. I was very disappointed with the rigidity. I was not asking to cancel the booking... Read more

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I am a viator supplier that would like to stay annonymous given the power of Tripadvisor (parent company). Viator provides great customer service when joining, however after joining we found that our sales actually decreased rather than increased due to a reduction in traffic from Tripadvisor to our website. When we tried to delist our tours Viator effectively refused to do so. Initial emails tried to persuade us not to, followed by telephone... Read more

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My trip was an ABSOLUTE SCAM!!! I was RIPPED OFF 615 Euros! I booked this tour for myself, my mom, and my son. The Seville ride was fine. We were picked up in a van and taken to the port in Tarifa to catch the ferry to Tangier. Once in Tangier, we were asked to pay for a taxi to drive us to the restaurant to eat lunch. The couple that was with us were very upset that we were being charged for a cab ride to a restaurant. As she is challenging... Read more

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The company engaged with tours that have bad reviews and not on time and charged a premium for it!

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I only had a couple days in Shanghai so decided to do a day tour. After looking at those available, I usually check Trip Advisor to see who other travelers have had good experiences with. Then I usually contact the tour operator directly to reserve. Unfortunately, this time I booked on Trip Advisor which uses Viator. The ad for the tour I picked indicated pick up and delivery at my hotel. I specifically insisted in my booking that they... Read more

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I tried to book a promotional tour a couple of months ago but there was a glitch in their system. When I contacted customer service, they told me that I can try back later and they will honor the promotional since it's obviously a technical issue on their end. When I called customer service at a later date as suggested in the email, they said they can't honor the price since I have no proof of the promotion? Isn't that what the email was for? ... Read more

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This company is a reseller and is owned by Trip Advisor, however, be careful when booking with them as their prices change each time I went to their site always going up the closer I got to the event date which was 4 to 5 months in advance. They had choices for the trip to Victoria and the Bouchart Gardens, and I even called and spoke to one of their agents paying the new higher price, but they promised 4 hours at the garden and this is why I... Read more

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